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We get lots of request for people to take part in shows and research projects. Here are just a few , please join our mailing list via the home page to stay up to date with all requests. Any agreement to take part in shows or research is between you and the media company, We are not part of any media organisation.

We welcome media companies to contact us about new shows please drop an email to


Women with children
Has your lifestyle been affected by your weight? Are you no longer able to wear the clothes you want, keep a job and support your family? Perhaps you have tried diets and they just haven’t worked.

We are looking for someone we really can help.

Over the course of 5 intensive therapy sessions, our renowned therapist will focus on understanding the root causes of any problematic eating patterns - from the past traumas and the present triggers - with the aim of overcoming them for long-lasting change for our contributor. Whilst we won't see weight loss - we'll understand why the weight came on in the first place - and what needs to happen for it to come off, and stay off.

The five therapy sessions will take place in your home - over the course of one week. This is not a diet show - because quick-fix diets aren't the long term solution. This is the first show to look at the root causes of obesity, in an immersive, revealing and hands on way that has the power to change someone’s life.

If you feel this applies to you and we can perhaps help you please get in contact with us. (May 2019)


We are casting for a brand new series. 

We are looking for people who are living with obesity and are looking to make a change. 

The show will follow the journey of one person living with obesity as they undergo intensive therapy with one of the UK's most renowned experts on eating disorders and addiction.

Over the course of 5 intensive therapy sessions, our renowned therapist will focus on understanding the root causes of any problematic eating patterns - with the aim of overcoming them for long-lasting change. (May 2019)



I am looking to make a radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 – on a strand called ‘The Untold’ whereby we follow the journey of someone currently at a crossroads in their life/has a decision to make or has a personal goal to achieve.

Told through the perspective of one individual largely but also their interaction with other family/friends etc  

For my next programme I would like to focus on someone living with obesity – so we can get real insight into what it’s like – so I need someone who is prepared to share their story and record their journey to losing weight – documenting the high’s lows, issues and battles on a daily basis.

I will come along and record interviews with you and for some of the time you can also record either on  iphone /or I can give a little recorder and a personal diary/thoughts  as we go along.

I can record anywhere in the country and I live in East Midlands -Leicestershire so can travel to most areas quite easily.

I’d like to start recording a soon as possible and we will record for period perhaps 3 months  or more or less depending on what goal/achievement someone has set themselves ?

For more information contact Perminder Khatkar at (May 2019)

March 2019

I am a reporter for the Daily Express online and I am currently working on a video package to look at the cost of obesity on the NHS. The plan is to speak to a surgeon, interview someone from the IEA and then we also will be interviewing a Government minister in the Department for Health and Social Care. 

But I am also looking to interview someone that has undergone bariatric surgery and discuss how it went and what their life has been like post-surgery. 

It is a video package so we would be interested in doing a video interview. We are based in London but we can definitely come out of the city to do the interview. Anyone based in the southeast of the UK would be preferable. 

In the first instance contact for more info

Media request:

We have been granted access to the bariatric unit of a major NHS hospital, around which we intend to make a sensitive and uplifting documentary, focussing on the important work they do. 

We would love to speak to some people , who suffer from obesity and who are considering barbaric surgery. It would be a non broadcast, informal interview that would purely be for our own internal use.

It would be fantastic, and very useful, for us to speak with them honestly about their reasons for considering a procedure, as well as any fears doubts or concerns they have about going through with the operation.

If anyone would be available, even just for an informal phone chat, then please do encourage them to get in touch with me on 0333 800 8899. Or drop me an email on .



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