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Let me introduce myself. I am a very happily married woman with two beautiful very teenagery teenagers and am currently what I like to refer to as a ‘homemaker’. A cereal dieter (any diet you could possibly think of!), I have struggled with my weight all my life. I remember being put on diets as a youngster - but I’m not going to bore you to tears with the soap opera that was my childhood. I am going to begin in 2012. This was the year when after many visits to the doctors I was told that all my ailments were due to being overweight.

So I sorted it out. I ate healthily most of the time and I joined the gym and went religiously. I went from 13.5 stone to somewhere between 11.7 and 12 stone depending on the day. I still had a couple of stone to lose on a bad day, but I was happy in my skin and I felt good about myself as I was nicely toned and had loads of lovely endorphins rushing around my brain thanks to all the exercise - so those last couple of stone didn’t bother me at all.

In July of 2014 at the tender age of 37 I found out that I had a massive cancerous tumour growing on my kidney (errrr, yes, those ailments weren’t down to my being a hypochondriac at all but lets not get into that - I have a tendency to rant when I go there), so in September of the same year I had a radical nephrectomy, and my surgeon warned me that due to the size of the tumour which had been squashing my stomach and a combination of something to do with cortisol and adrenalin (connected of course to the removal of the kidney and adrenal gland - I really don’t understand how it all works) I would more than likely pick up a couple of stone within a year.

So, with that fabulous news, I spent the year following surgery trying numerous diets - you name it, if I hadn’t done it in the last year I would have done it prior to 2012!! Now by trying the diets, what I mean is hearing about someone losing a lot of weight, finding out how they did it - starting the diet in the morning and then shoving anything I can lay my hands on that doesn’t relate to said diet into my face at an alarming rate come lunch time.

You will be surprised to hear that I have not lost any weight this way. Combine this with not going to the gym (along with healing, I have moved further away from any gym and really had a lot on….excuses, excuses amiright!?), and I have picked up a grand total of (cue fanfare) 2 STONE!! I have inadvertently caused exactly what I have tried to avoid! At the risk of sounding like a terrible cliche…I cannot wait for the new me to emerge in the new year - here I go on a journey. I cannot be fat AND 40!! No more ‘dieting’. That doesn’t work for me. Just eating right and exercising. That’s what I will be doing.

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Post 5

How is everybody else getting on? Thought I would do a little update, you know, since I said I would and all that. I think it’s been around two weeks since last I wrote. Still have no kitchen - though I will have a working one two weeks on Monday (that’s two weeks tomorrow!!). I am sick to the back teeth of eating out.
The last five days have been picnics in my living room. Thank heavens for Mark’s and their wonderful collection of ready made salads and cured meats and cooked salmon!! Oh and yesterday we had the left overs with a couple of cooked chickens from yet another store.
Whenever I tell someone how we are eating out just about every day, they say things like; ‘That must be amazing! You can have whatever you want every day of the week and not even have to cook it yourself or do any cleaning!’. Yes, you’d think that would be the case. Well after the first couple of weeks, eating starters, mains and dessert just about every day it was getting pretty boring. Then the conversation between my husband, my children and myself became more like this:
Me: ‘ So where should we go for brunch/dinner?’
Them: ‘Don’t care.’
Me: ‘Well I care even less’
Them: ‘Ugh!’
Me: ‘UGH!!!’ (I always repeat their whinging in capital letters and make sure they can hear them. I’ve been at it longer after all and am therefore much better at it).
Them, eye rolls and so forth…
Me, bigger eye rolls, a massive sigh and probably a little stamp of the foot…
We end up just going somewhere where we can have something plain and simple. I have got into the habit of eating salads now. People who know me may be surprised at this. If I’m honest, I’m pretty surprised by it too. Yes, having the option of chips, boiled potato, baked potato, dauphinois etc sounds exciting but it has bored me to tears - ACTUAL tears sometimes. I seem to remember being an avid potato consumer. Bread too - and yet now, if I am popping out for lunch and I can’t access anything other than a sandwich, I would rather just not eat. I think everyone should eat out every day for all their meals and eat just whatever they want for four to six weeks…its amazing how quickly you get put off your food. I dream about home made mushroom ravioli, not drenched in thick creamy sauce but lightly drizzled with some rapeseed oil and crispy fried sage leaves… .
Actually that’s the only food dream I have had in ages - that too is strange as usually all my waking and sleeping thoughts revolve around food. What am I eating? What will I eat after this? What will I eat tomorrow…? It’s all disappeared.
Now for the reason I am actually writing. As you will remember if you had read my previous post, I said I wasn’t going to weigh for a while - it really is so demoralising! Especially if you’re exercising and building muscle (which as I am sure you know is much heavier than fat - but which gives you that lovely shape most girls (yes, I am almost 40 and I still consider myself a girl!) are after. I have been sticking to my cardio/body conditioning most days of the week, and then yesterday I went and did a session with a beautiful (seriously, my husband suspects I have a girl-crush and I think he might be right - I find myself getting mesmerised while she talks to me and then having to get her to repeat herself. If anyone should be a trainer to the stars its this girl) friend of mine who is into doing all things heavily weighted. I love-hated every minute of it but I cannot express in words how much better I felt in my own skin afterwards. I honestly felt elated. Those endorphins are better than any bottle of tipple.
So I have done my measurements. And this is what has happened. Overall over the past two or so weeks, I have lost (and I use centimetres because you get more of them than inches and that just makes me feel better) dum dum DUH…..20cm! Let me break it down for you:
My calf and arm (left side only - my left is smaller than my right so I only measure that side - insert monkey emoji covering her eyes with embarrassment haha) have stayed the same. The thigh has got 2cm bigger, and that’s okay because I am beginning to see some definition there. Now for the good stuff: Bottom is 5cm smaller (is that a good thing really? Might have to do some more squats), Hips down by 3cm, waist has shrunk by 6cm and the old boobies have gone down by 8cm. Pretty impressed if I say so myself.
So tempted to just jump on those scales but I will refrain. I will be weighing myself in two weeks and remeasuring. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hoping this trend continues. Of course I understand that the big numbers will slow down and get smaller as each week goes by. But at least I know I am getting there. The sense of progress and achievement is a pretty heady mixture let me tell you! Here’s to the next couple of weeks or so. And good luck to you all too!!


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