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My name is Kate I'm a 44 year old lady waiting for surgery to hopefully change my life for the better.

I am a secondary school teacher an artist.  I am a mum of one and a wife. Which I find demanding by enriching at the same time.

I have been struggling with my weight for 25 plus years, have become so consumed by it that it is time to take action and time to move from the prison that I call my body.
I'm ready to let it go, shed all that crap that has grown around me and hopefully help other to do so to by sharing my own story, the trails and tribulations of it all and how I feel...

I have a history of loosing alot of weight and then equally putting it back on again. I'm frustrated with why I can't keep it off, frustrated why society has not accepted me like this and why I strive to be different but at the same time conform.

March 2106

I've written a poem.... it's deep, its how I feel at the moment. 

A Poem to myself from my Stomach
Why do you punish me?
Why do you want to shut me out?
I do not deserve this treatment,
I want and need to feel!
You suffocate me!
You push it in even when it hurts me.
More comes in and I cannot cope
It needs to come out, OUT, OUT
How can it?
Where would it go?
When it’s buried deep beneath the skin?
I spread it all over your whole body
It hurts
It grows bigger
It affects every part of your body
But still you eat more
Still you shove it in and push it down
You’re hurting me
Your killing yourself
I am slowly dying inside
Every now and again I can breathe again
Even if for only an hour
Allowing time to shed
But as soon as you feel
As soon as you don’t like,
You suffocate it
What is so wrong to feel the pain,
What pain,
What horror are you afraid of?
I am part of you, look after me
I am part of you, don’t kill me
I am part of you, STOP
I love you please stop.

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